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1964-1965: A Look Back at the Original Cavalier Yearbook

We are 50 days from our 50th Anniversary Celebration. In the coming weeks, we will be looking at a yearbook a day as the excitement builds toward October 10-11, 2014!  Join us daily as we take a stroll down memory lane.  This project is one that is being done on top of a full time teaching and activities job as well as being a parent to two wild kids. My goal is to post daily, but if that falters at any point over the next fifty days, I apologize in advance. This first edition of the walk-down-memory-lane will be lengthier than future posts just for the sheer nostalgia of looking at the first year. Thanks for joining all of us from the 50th Anniversary we go!

Front Cover QHHS Cavalier Yearbook 1964-1965

"In the beginning there was an idea. This idea became a reality with the opening of the doors of Quartz Hill High School in September of 1964. Now that our goal is real, we should strive to make Quartz Hill High School one of the finest in citizenship, scholarship, and sportsmanship. On the following pages you will find recorded our first steps up the path to this goal."

The opening page of Volume 1 of the Cavalier yearbook included the above Foreword citing the lofty goals of the institution of Quartz Hill High School.

QHHS Cavalier Yearbook Volume 1, page 2

The initial yearbook shows that the school opened with just under 500 freshman and sophomore students. Students attended school that first year at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds (the old location at Avenue I and Division Street). Sprinkled throughout the book include photographs of the under-construction school site at Avenue L and 60th Street West. AVUHSD District Superintendent James Riewer congratulated "each and everyone of you who have helped to make this school year the success that it has been" and promises that "as you move into your new campus next semester you will find that you will take an ever increasing pride in saying, 'I attend Quartz Hill High School.'"
QHHS permanent campus under construction.
Upper right: At the AV Fairgrounds

First year organizations included: Pep Club, Drama Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Lettermen's Club, Chess Club, Math and Science Club, Mathletes, Spanish Club, German Club, Key Club, California Scholarship Federation, Art Club, Debate Club, Future Farmers of America, Farmerettes, Future Homemakers, Future Nurses, Newspaper Staff, Rebel Drill Team, Chorus, Band, Associated Student Body Officers & Student Council.

For athletics, Quartz Hill High School fielded teams in football, cross country, wrestling, basketball, baseball, track and tennis. 

In football, the school of only sophomores and freshmen had 68 young athletes make up a Junior Varsity, "B", and Freshman football team.  Student Mike Milligan was listed as the Most Valuable Player for the season. The football teams were led by Coach Shoemaker & Coach Pember. Included with pictures of the two coaches are snippets of what that first year was like: 

"Being blessed with only one Rebel prospect who had ever pulled on a pair of cleats, football was learned from "bottom to top."

"Although inexperienced the criteria was hustle, desire, the will to learn and improve. Even though they only won two games this year, the boys proved to their opponents that in the future Quartz Hill will be more capable opposition."

The basketball page boasts about triumphant wins over Rosamond and Paraclete recognizing Howard Horn leading the "C" team in scoring by ending the season with 93 points. The "B" team, led by Coach Murray, had David Duncan listed as the point winner for the season with 288. 

Athletic trophy winners included football, cross country, basketball and wrestling. 

The first principal of QHHS was Raymond Barnes and on his page, he says, "Four years in high school provides us with no time to waste. There is too much demanded of everyday if we are to fully benefit from the educational opportunities offered. As our school grows and consistently improves, let each one of us make an effort to grow also, and strive to fully develop to our maximum potential."  His sentiment helps to show that even though much has changed over the past 50 years, the fundamental idea of education and ability for each of us to personally improve still remains. 

Some other memories from 1964-65:  Pictures of the original faculty, including 2014 Quartz Hill High School Hall of Fame recipient Don Crimin. 

The last page of the yearbook pays tribute to Floyd Nicholson, Jr. "who dedicated his life to public service. He laid the foundation upon which the future of Quartz Hill High School will rest."  Our football stadium is named after Mr. Nicholson and his story will be posted at a later date and included in the 50th Anniversary Program Book.

 The credits from the yearbook highlight the 50-year relationship Quartz Hill High School has had with O'Connor Photography. Thank you to O'Connor for constantly providing quality photography services as well as publishing our 50th Anniversary Program Book, available as part of sponsorship packages and will be on sale the weekend of October 10-11, 2014. 

Join us tomorrow as we take a look at the 1965-1966 yearbook; the first year on our permanent campus. 

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