Friday, August 22, 2014

1965-1966: A Year of Jubilation


Within the pages of volume 2 of the Cavalier Yearbook (editor-in-chief Evelyn Soto), we start to see photos of student life on the campus we have grown to love.  The classes of 1967, 1968 and 1969 now inhabit the campus at 6040 West Avenue L. It appears the entire student body consisted of about 640 students.

Spirit rallies & noon-time dances were held outdoors on the 100 Quad stage (which no longer exists after an accidental demolition during the modernization project in the early 2000's). We see early memories from the classic QH vs. AV rivalry in this photo from a spirit rally in which the poster declares, "BEAT ANTELOPEs".

We are also reminded of a time when lockers existed on campus. Students in the 60's were able to plaster photos of their musical idols inside their locker doors. The caption of this photo jokes, "Beatles are more popular than books." The stoops on which the lockers once stood still remain in the quads on campus.  Students in 2014 now often use them as seats at lunch to socialize with friends and eat their food. 

A photo of the newly constructed gym (today we call it the Big Gym) shows a non-landscaped area surrounding the pristine structure. Here's a comparison of the new gym to today's version:

In the athletic section, we get a glimpse of the skill level of the first-year QHHS Varsity football team.  As well as the first loss to cross town rival AVHS, which would begin a two-decade quest to finally defeat the 'Lopes on the field. 
In activities, a reference is made to students Diane Steiner and Bill Morse winning tropies for speeches and essay writing during Bill of Rights Week, the second year of the Christmas Ball and Christmas Assembly took place, and a Sadie Hawkins Dance.  Student band "M.T. and The Wild Ones" entertained at lunch time, an assembly, and several dances. We also see the name "Rebel Rouser" for the school newspaper.

Cheerleaders were a big part of school spirit, including cheering at the Faculty-Varsity basketball game. Here's a great candid shot of some '65-'66 cheerleaders in their uniforms.                                                                                                                                               In club life, the Z Club, Medical Careers Club, Business Club and Rebelettes made an appearance in the yearbook. And ASB Officers were elected by semester this year, rather than for a year-long term.
An interesting entry in our mascot's history jumps out on page 62 with a photo of Jubilation T. Cornpone. He is described in the yearbook: "Serving as our first mascot, Jim Martin promoted school spirit at the pep assemblies and games this year. Dressed as a Southern gentleman, Jimmy appeared to entertain the crowd and arouse enthusiasm."

Finally, we wrap-up the 1965-1966 Yearbook with a glance of our faculty for the year, the message from second-year Principal Raymond Barnes and a photo of the Quartz Hill shield found on the opening page of the book. 

"Quartz Hill High School's total potential can never be fully realized without the support and positive activities of the student body. Our challenge is clear: each of us in our individual manner is expected to utilize our abilities and energy to do our our best." 

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