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1969-1970: Run Dixon Run!

Proof that page
Mr. Simonds!

As Quartz Hill begins its trek into the decade of the 70's, the yearbook, edited by Janice Adair, begins to take on a bit of a new look under the direction of first-year advisor Mr. Ira Simonds. Unknown at the time, Mr. Simonds would eventually amass 23 yearbooks as the advisor before turning over the reigns in 1992. 

This school year saw a new quad and boys' locker room added to the constantly increasing facilities on the campus.


The football team established some new records for the year, including most wins of all time with a final 6-3 record under Coach Albee.

The Rebels Cross Country team completed a season in which they lost only one meet and entered into the C.I.F. preliminary meet. They now held victories over every school in the Golden  League and they had their first varsity win over crosstown rival Antelope Valley.  Spotted on the cross country page is junior Frank Dixon, who many of today's students know as a teacher in the Visual Arts Department at QHHS and a fantastic local artist.
In Baseball, we learn that the team was Quartz Hill's first representative to appear in C.I.F. during the 1968-1969 school year. They were narrowly eliminated in their opening game, but the team, under Coach Titus, had high hopes for a repeat trip to C.I.F.

New clubs appearing in this year's book include the Rocket Club, Cartesian Club and S.S.I. 

The 1969 Homecoming Queen was Connie Simpson and the 1970 Prom Queen was Jill Laney.

The book describes the inclusion of Rimford Day, in which students "let their imaginations run free" wearing everything from "grubby blue-jeans, cowboy hats, and ponchos, to long skirst and World War II jumpsuits." Principal Fuller even made an appearance in his well-worn overalls and hat (see Principal's message below). 

The Class of 1970 held the first-ever Senior Week "out of a desperate need for a money-making project." The week included an event called "Ugly-Man Contest." The winner was Gary Baker and he raised $54.13 through various activities during week, including a bake sale, sign-a-senior-day, a hot dog sale and a senior talent show.  

The Board of Control was busy this year helping to institute the Student Relations Committee (SRC), which brought greater unity to the schools in the AVJUHSD. A student Senate was also created, which included five members from each class who approved money making projects and decided dance policies. 

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization sponsored a Donkey Basketball Game. Yes, there is photo proof!

This year the English department "began an exciting program, which may be a forecast of future high school education." QHHS students "were not placed in English by class or ability, but participated in one of the new non-graded, elective English programs offered to high school students. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors were offered quarter classes ranging from Shakespeare to science fiction." Many students ended up taking two or more English classes each day. 

Also in the English department, Quartz Hill began its first newspaper, "Campus," under the direction of Mr. Gallagher.  In its first year, the paper was recognized with an Overall Excellent award from California State College at Los Angeles. 

This was the first year for the Special Education department, "designed for those students who have learning difficulties for various reasons."  And the audio visual department began operating on a full time basis for the first time. Some a/v highlights: students were used to operate the 16mm projectors for the teachers, the video tape recorder and the 8mm single concept loop projectors were brand new. And very exciting stuff: the tapes can then be played back immediately or stored for showing at a later time.


Cheerleaders posing in the gym foyer. Notice the floor to ceiling windows.
Today's gym does not have glass on the lower portion.

QHHS Band practicing on the south fields before homes were built across Avenue L-4. Great view!

The school "Carry-All" getting ready to transport students on a trip.

Principal Fuller's yearbook message and a picture from his participation in Rimford Day.

Quartz Hill Rebel Shield 1969-1970

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