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1972-1973: Sideburns, Mustaches, Traveling Prom, Ubiquity & a Hall of Famer!


Quartz Hill High School, year nine, welcomed the arrival of eleven new teachers to the staff, including three that would continue on to long and successful careers with QHHS and the AVUHSD.

Miss Susan Black joined the English department and she would eventually clock in over 30 years at QHHS.

Mr. Dan Brown was hired as a new PE teacher and over the years would rise in the ranks of administration in the AVUHSD, finally coming home to QHHS as a Vice Principal during his final year in education before retirement just a couple of years ago.  He was even gracious enough to return the following year to offer his support as a substitute V.P. briefly when the school had a need.

And Mr. Jay Clark came aboard as a Health and Science teacher in 1972. Mr. Clark also had a long career in the AVUHSD serving as an administrator for not only QHHS, but many schools in the district over the years.  

Another notable entry in this year's yearbook was found in the senior section.  A young man by the name of Jeff Foster, Band president and member of the Class of 1973 might not have known as he finished off his high school career that he would eventually be returning to QHHS as its Principal and eventually becoming the Deputy Superintendent of the AVUHSD, a position he holds today. It is a shame, however, that he has since decided to say goodbye to those amazing 70's sideburns!

And speaking of 1970's style, we can't get away without showing these amazing photos of QHHS stalwarts, Mr. Molino and Mr. Stephens, who shared the duties of Junior Class Advisor during the 1972-1973 school year.  Rumor has it, part of the job description included maintaining a classic 70's 'stache!

We are also very fortunate to see a photo of Mr. DuPratt (also sporting a fabulous mustache), leading the Journalism class.  This year's book is the first we see the use of the name Ubiquity used as the name of the school newspaper, replacing the short-lived title Campus. The name Ubiquity is still used today. 

Original and longtime Band director, Mr. Giesler is caught in this candid photo showing a true sign of the times holding a vinyl record while sitting next to reel-to-reel machines (sadly, no mustache, though). 

An important entry in QHHS history is also documented on pages 136-137 of the yearbook. "For the first time the Junior class decided to hold their Prom out of the Antelope Valley. The setting was the beautiful Apollo Room at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills, overlooking the San Fernando Valley."  So began an annual tradition of loading up buses and traveling down south and other directions to reach the annual Prom destination. This year's Prom Queen was Ranae Sanders. 

And this year's Homecoming Queen was Viki Lamela. Here she is surrounded by her court of princesses. 

Also, from the Class of 1973 is inaugural Hall of Fame inductee Rita Champ Kokkoris.  From Rita's senior yearbook, are her senior photo, Homecoming princess photo and she is pictured with her fellow Senior Class Senators. Rita is being recognized for her achievement in Business and will be inducted during the public Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday night, October 10, 2014, 6:15 p.m. at Nicholson Field prior to the QHHS vs HHS football game. 

New clubs mentioned in this year's book include Los Unidos, which acted as a service and social club for all Spanish-speaking students, and Ski Club, which took an exciting three-day ski trip to Dodge Ridge. 

In sports, Cross Country made yet another entry into CIF, Basketball beat cross-town rival AVHS for the first time on February 2, 1973, Wrestling grasped their third consecutive Golden League title with Mr. Gillins as their first-year coach and Football lost to AVHS yet again (see Score Box). 

Finally, we wrap-up with the traditional message from the Principal. Principal Fuller has just wrapped-up his fifth year as the head of QHHS. 

The 1972-1973 Cavalier Yearbook was edited by Renee Instine.

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