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1980-1981: Hello Mr. McQuilkin and Mrs. Stover


The Editors of the 1981 Cavalier Yearbook were Jill Hines and Mary Wolf

Student Life/Sports

Powder Puff- Juniors beat the Seniors 8-6

QHHS Homecoming Court 1980
Homecoming Week included Punk Rock Day, Nerd Day, Old West Day, Slave Day and Animal House Day. 1980 Homecoming Queen was Judy Potter. 

Homecoming Football game 1980
Varsity Football shared the Golden League title with Saugus and Antelope Valley, ended league play with a 4-2 record and entered CIF competition, but lost to Glendale High. 

1980 QHHS Varsity Football Team and Coaches
For the second year, there were two sets of Varsity Cheerleaders. One group supported boys' athletics while the other group was devoted to the girls' athletic teams. 

QHHS Varsity Cheerleaders 1980-81
Look closely at the 100 Quad offices in the background.
The word GUIDANCE is printed on the panels.
Today, the Student Store utilizes that space.
QHHS Girls' Varsity Cheerleaders
Winter Ball, once again organized through the joint efforts of the Key and Z Clubs, was held at the "Antelope Valley Convention Center, and couples danced to the music of "Linx", the number one band in the valley. Scott Edwards and Jill Hines were chosen as King and Queen."

The MAS (Minority Associated Students) Club was formed this year by the minority students on campus to provide information through assemblies and other programs, such as the Cinco de Mayo luncheon and Black History assembly.

Guests from 1981 QHHS International Week.
The International Club was formed during the 80-81 school year, which combined the former French, German, Spanish and AFS clubs. Their main activity for the year was International Weekend, in which twenty-two exchange students from the Los Angeles area arrived in Lancaster to share information about their culture. While in town, they toured the NASA facility at Edwards AFB, hiked Devil's Punchbowl and Wrightwood (some saw snow for the first time in their lives), enjoyed an international potluck and ended their weekend roller skating. 

The 1981 Prom returned to its first out-of-town location at The Odyssey in the San Fernando Valley. The Queen was Kathy Kostas

In a familiar entry, the Wrestlers claimed their eleventh Golden League title. 

The Class of 1981 introduced the Junior Honor Line at their graduation ceremony. The Honor Line consisted of outstanding juniors. Today, the Honor Line is still used at graduation ceremonies to help guide the seniors through their evening. 

QHHS Staff

Original QHHS Band Director Mr. Giesler stepped down from the band program at the end of the 79-80 school year after 16 years, making way for a new Band Director, who would turn out to be the second of only two Directors in the first 50 years of the school. John McQuilkin joined the staff and has spent the last 35 years leading the music program at QHHS. At the AVUHSD Employee Recognition Ceremony in the spring of 2014, John was honored with a once-in-career Distinguished Service Award, he was named the QHHS Teacher of the Year and the Antelope Valley Union High School District Teacher of the Year.  Mr. McQuilkin currently has the most seniority of any staff member working at QHHS during the 2014-2015 school year. He has mentored thousands of musicians over the years and has left an indelible mark on the rich history of Quartz Hill High School. 

First year QHHS Band Director John McQuilkin, 1980-1981

The Class of 1981 had a future Rebel teacher in its ranks. Tina Crawford would eventually return to the halls of QHHS as a math teacher. Today she is known to students who take her class in the 200 Quad as Mrs. Stover

Dr. Johnson has now been the Principal of Quartz Hill High School for six years, which is the longest tenure of the first four principals and a length of term that is unheard as a principal today in the AVUHSD. 

The cross town rivalry between QH and AV was a big deal.
The annual AV Week assembly would often involve the chant,
"What do we want? What do we want?"
The answer: "Lope Meat! Lope Meat!"
"How do we want it? How do we want it?"
"Raw! Raw! Raw!"
The Cheerleaders and Mascot in formation
The center floor design of the small gym declares it the home of the "Rebelettes"
Another snow storm filled the Valley this year and the yearbook staff
included a number of great views of our open desert,
including a shot of QH Mountain in the top photo.

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