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1976-1977: Yep, Another Hall of Fame Inductee & Wrestling Is A Golden 7


The 1976-1977 school year seems like business as usual at QHHS. There are a couple of mentions throughout the book about declining or low school spirit. But things were looking positive for the Rebel athletic teams.

Cross Country ended their season undefeated Golden League champs.

Girls Volleyball brought home 2nd place in Golden League and made it to the 3rd round of CIF.
1976 QHHS Football Scoreboard
Football finished league play with a stellar 6-1 record; their only loss, once again to cross-town rival AVHS.  They eventually played through 2nd round of CIF.

Girls Tennis is described as having their "best season ever."

Wrestling celebrated their 7th consecutive Golden League title.

And we learn that Baseball took the Golden League championship in 1976. 

QHHS Auto Tech Club 1977
In student activities, the Auto Tech Club was new this year, led by advisor Mr. Knapp. Also making its debut was the Debate Club and the Admirer's Club, an offshoot of the Pep Club which promoted spirit among the athletes by giving them baked goods before each game. 
QHHS Pep/Admirer's Club 1977
Quotes from teachers throughout the staff section included the question, "How are you involved in school activities?" Ms. Susan Black responded with, "I think it's part of the responsibility of a teacher to be active with the students in activities other than just teaching them. I sponsor both the ski club and the Junior class and it hasn't killed me...yet!"  Thanks to Ms. Black and all of the teachers who have helped advise and sponsor clubs and activities over the years!

1976 HC Queen Eva Lucero,
1977 WB Queen Dori Avila & King Brian Biggers;
1977 Prom Queen Sheri Moor
The 76-77 trio of courts included Homecoming Queen Eva Lucero, Winter Ball (held at the Sage Tree Recreational Center in Palmdale) Queen was Dori Avila and King was Brian Biggers.  The 1977 Prom was held at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City (the same location as the 2015 Prom!). Queen was Sheri Moor.
Brian Yep,
QHHS Class of 1977
Hall of Fame, 2014

2014 Inaugural QHHS Hall of Fame inductee Brian Yep also celebrated his senior year with the Class of 1977. Brian is being recognized for his contributions to Community Service. The 2014 public Hall of Fame ceremony will be held at 6:15 p.m. on Friday, October 10, 2014 at Nicholson Field prior to the QHHS vs. HHS football game. 

QHHS Principal Dr. Johnson, 1977
Dr. Johnson continued as Principal of QHHS during the 1976-77 school year, completing two years as the figure head of the school.

Pat Bittner was the Editor-in-Chief of the 1977 Cavalier Yearbook.

Delicious looking QH created by an Admirer's Club member.
The Quartz Hill clock was located on the north side of the gym.
A view of the front marquee, which appears to have faced toward the 100 Quad.
A page from the yearbook which included main event dates from the school year.
QHHS friends exiting a quad.
Great shot of glass quad doors which no longer exist. 

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