Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1981-1982: Mr. E Arrives & Another Hall of Famer Graduates


As Quartz Hill celebrates its 2014 Homecoming Week, we look back 33 years to Homecoming 1981. Spirit Days included Turnaround Day, where students wore their clothes backwards and some added "extra body features." Prehistoric Day, Space Cadet & 60's Day, the annual Slave Day and Friday's Spirit and Hat Day rounded out the week. The Homecoming Court was transported onto the football field by two horse-drawn carriages followed by the crowning of Queen Diana Johnson. 

The annual Powder Puff football game ended in a hard-fought tie score of 0-0. 

Homecoming Queen Diana Johnson,
Winter Ball Queen Trish Kamminga
and King Martin "Moose" Perez,
Prom Queen Debbie Cornell

Winter Ball took place at the Palmdale Cultural Center. Martin "Moose" Perez and Trish Kamminga were crowned as King and Queen of the 1982 Winter Ball. 

An annual Dance-a-thon hosted by the Junior Class to help pay for Prom took place again. It began at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, February 19 and continued until 1:00 a.m. Saturday. Over 15 participants raised between $350-400. Considering prices for Prom per couple were about $40 back then, that's a pretty decent fundraiser.

1982 QHHS Lip Sync: The original?
The 1982 Prom was held at The Castaways and Debbie Cornell was crowned Queen. The group Rollercoaster provided the evening's entertainment. 

The Supplement shows the first entry in a yearbook of the Lip Sync, an event that would become an annual tradition and a district-wide competition for the next couple of decades. Acts this year included covers from Joan Jett and Bruce Springsteen. 

This year's Cavalier Editors-in-chief were Debbie Cuillerier-Copy and Nancy Palmer-Photography.

QHHS California Scholarship Federation members 1981-82.
QHHS Sound Crew 1981-1982, Advisor Mr. Stephens

This is the first year of the I.C.C., or Inter-School Communications Council. There have been similar groups in past years, but this is the first yearbook using the name I.C.C., which is a group of students from all of the AVUHSD high schools who meet twice per month to share ideas and collaborate. I.C.C. is still active today and student representatives conduct monthly presentation to the district Board of Trustees among other duties.  Pictured here are the Quartz Hill High School representatives. Names were not included with the picture in the yearbook.

QHHS Wrestling Record


Varsity Football continued their losing streak against cross-town rival Antelope Valley with a score of 10-7. 

Wrestling again takes the Golden League crown. (see record)


2014 Hall of Fame inductee John Hemme was a member of the Senior Class of 1982. John is being recognized for his achievements in Business. The public Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held on Friday, October 10, 2014 at 6:15 p.m. before the Quartz Hill vs. Highland Varsity Football game.


Mr. Robert Owens became the school's fifth principal this year. The yearbook states he had goals of reinstating courses and programs that had been discontinued and found success in these endeavors. The new S.O.S. program was a reward based system which motivated students to excel in citizenship and in the classroom.  That program was revised numerous times over the years and finally met its final demise in 2014. 

Welcome to QHHS Mr. E!
And another welcome to Quartz Hill High School during the 1981-1982 school year is 34-year QHHS teacher, Mr. Rick Engstrom.  Behind Mr. McQuilkin, Mr. E is our second-longest teacher currently on staff. He has been a mainstay of the QHHS Automotive classes for over three decades. And has helped immeasurably with words of sage advice for the annual Car Show that takes place in the spring. 

Congrats on your graduation
Mike. See you soon!
Graduating with the Class of 1982 is current QHHS teacher Mr. Mike Moeller.  Like last year's graduate Mrs. Stover, Mr. Moeller also teaches math in the 200 Quad enlightening students about the wonders of Algebra 1. 


It's the Bob's Big Boy statue!
Senior Class Vice President Leah Pearce would
eventually see her daughter Kt enter QHHS and
follow in mom's Leadership footsteps. Kt was the
A.S.B. President during the 2010-2011 school year.
Left: Shirley Rombouts and Jim Homsey model 1980's graduation robes.
Center: Drum Majorette Terry Bernhardt
Right: Senior and school mascot Rhonda Marriot
1982 view of the 100 Quad
1982 Diploma Cover, Cap and tassel


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