Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1984-1985: What's a Powder Puff Game Without Juniors?


Homecoming Week 1984 included many spirit day staples, including: Hat Day, Concert Tee Day, Flood Pants Day, 50's/60's Day, and Slave Day along with Blue & Gold Friday. The Homecoming Queen was Jean Stephens (pictured, center). 

Powder Puff faced a setback when the juniors were unable to form a team. Instead, the seniors challenged the A.V. Powder Puff team. 

Spandau Ballet won the gold at the 1985 Lip Sync. 

The Gourmet Club debuted this year with the intent of putting together a cookbook. 

1985 Prom was held at the Sheraton Universal where Steve Butler and Dana Berry were crowned King and Queen.

Mr. Owens served as Principal of QHHS for the fourth year. 


1985 Computers hard at work!
Jeopardy question:
What are, "Things we would never do in 2014 at QHHS?"

And some fun polls conducted by Yearbook to fill the pages:

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