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1989-1990: Did Someone Say Cow Plop!?


It's year 26 and Quartz Hill High School is entering the 1990's. The standard, deep-rooted traditions of Homecoming Week, AV Week, Sadie Hawkins, Lip Sync, and Winter Ball continue. 

1989 Homecoming Court
Field Painting
During Homecoming Week, common spirit days, such as Backwards Day and Pajama Day were held.  Plus activities such as a dunk tank for the Homecoming Court, a pie eating contest and a lunchtime barbecue were included. At the Homecoming game, Karrie Zapf was crowned Queen. 

The annual spirit week leading up to the big rivalry football game vs. AVHS, called AV Week once again included the demolition of a car by the football team and dress-up days aimed at mocking AVHS, including Mourning Day, in which students dressed in all black to mourn AVHS.  
AV Week Excitement!
Winter Ball Court

At the Winter Ball, once again held at the Challenger Memorial Hall at the AV Fairgrounds, Gabe Higa and Kelly Prince were crowned King and Queen. 

Top: Cow Plop
Bottom left: For Sure
Bottom right: SADD Car
Lip Sync was described as "the smallest its been in years." A slam dunk contest was added to the mix of activities this year, as well as a "Cow Plop." Described as the field being gridded off, with numbers in each box. A cow was then allowed to "do its thing for the grand prize, a C.D. player. Other prizes included Kings and Dodgers tickets."  And a live band performed at assemblies, For Sure. 

SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) in its second year as a QHHS organization, included the SADD Car, placed in the center of campus, a result of a real drunk-driving related crash as a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Powder Puff Seniors in Blue Win!
Collage of athletic representation
Varsity Football achieved Golden League champion status after opening league play by defeating cross-town rival AVHS 22-12, for only the second time in QH vs. AV rivalry history. 

Girls Tennis also brought home an undefeated Golden League championship, the fourth time in the school's history. 

Girls Cross Country won the Golden League title for the second year in a row. 

Varsity Cheerleaders and Yell Leaders

Spotted in the Class of 1990 is June Milham, who also appeared in the Quartz Hill production of Neil Simons' The Good Doctor as part of the drama department's fall play. June eventually returned to QHHS to teach in the English department and served as the Yearbook advisor for a couple of years in the early 2000's.  

Also graduating with the Class of 1990 is Sam Condra, who was involved in Key Club during his senior year. Today, Sam is a teacher at QHHS!

Making his way to Quartz Hill High School as the new Principal this year is Mr. Ray Monti.\

And a QHHS student served as the AVUHSD Student Board Member this year. Mitchell Moore attended Board meetings as the voice of students. In the Yearbook, he says, "I'm delighted that I was given the chance to be on the Board. I think that being on the Board is a great honor and responsibility. I hope that in the future student membership is continued and used effectively."

AVUHSD Board of Trustees and Student Board Member Mitchell Moore.
Flashback excerpt from the Yearbook

Insight into the mind of a 1990 senior.
Yearbook poses some interesting thoughts about the future, which is now our past.
No electric fence, no stunguns, Vande retired in 2009, some of "us" are teachers,
students do take online classes now, definitely a bigger school, not quite the city they
envisioned, Lancaster is not the size of LA, still a growing population, still a homeless
problem, no cures to cancer or AIDS yet, still facing environmental problems.

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