Sunday, September 21, 2014

1985-1986: That's One Big Boy!


The powerhouse Rebel Wrestlers claimed their 15th Golden League championship.

During Homecoming Week 1985, the school celebrated with College Sweatshirt Day, Greek Day, Occupation Day, Geek Day and Hawaiian Day. The week was capped off with a win over Palmdale High School 17-10 and the Homecoming Queen was Christy Laurence.
Homecoming Week 1985.
Can you spot the prop that would
never be allowed 30 years later?

Spirit Week traditions grew with the inclusion of AV Week in 1985, which included a Western barbecue served by the administration, Hat Day, A.V. Geek Day, Western Day, Halloween and Blue & Gold Spirit Day.

After not yielding a Powder Puff team last year, the Class of 86 had a tough go of it in the girls' football game. The Juniors plowed ahead to a win over the seniors of 86.

The Winter Ball returned after a year of no dance last year and was held at the Moose Lodge in Palmdale. Greg Burcham and Trina Rice were crowned King & Queen.

In the annual Lip Sync, The Jets came in first place, followed by Bananarama and Pat Benetar in second and third place, respectively. 

The yearbook also included an "In Memorium" page in tribute to the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Challenger, which met its demise on January 28, 1986. 

ASB President
Maria Grado

Senior Maria Grado held the position of A.S.B. President this year. Maria owns the Lemon Leaf Cafe on Lancaster Boulevard and is one of the sponsors of the 50th Anniversary Celebration. If you're in town, be sure to stop by the Lemon Leaf and say hi!
Mrs. Kemper
joins the staff

Pictured on the classified staff page is a young Antelope graduate who has come to be a Rebel-for-life! Mrs. Lisa Kemper joined the staff and today works a great deal of behind-the-scenes magic as our Site Data Technician. 

Coach Brett Neal arrives at QHHS
In the sports pages, we also get a glimpse of Mr. Brett Neal, who joined the staff this year as coach for the Girls Tennis and freshman Girls Basketball teams. He would later join the teaching staff at QHHS, work his way up through the ranks of administration, eventually becoming Principal, and today he is an Assistant Superintendent for the District.
Principal Mr. Robert Owens

Mr. Robert Owens continued as Principal at QHHS in 85-86 and also of note, the AVUHSD school board moved into their new offices off of Sierra Highway, eliminating the need to hold periodic Board meetings in the library at QHHS.

The new AVUHSD Board room.

 The first entry of Senior Baby Photos in the Cavalier Yearbook.
Members of the Senior Class of 1986.
Bob's Big Boy in the QH parking lot?


  1. Mr. Owens.... my Dad!!! Thanks for posting

  2. My dad! :) And he used to take us to Bob's Big Boy all the time. Good memories. :)